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Design Art 4.0

Enroute 3.0 Pro





Win PC Sign

Router Manual 2.0



Flexi Sign

Parameter Setting for Delta Inverter


 Plotter Manual

Delta Inverter 

Plotter Main board & Connection


Stand & Basket Installation


             Tech Tips

  AnaGraph Tech Support




Design Art 4.0











Design Art 3.5 Demo

 Ana Plot 3.4


DesignArt Sentinel Security Driver






Introduce for updating firmware 6.2

Introduce for updating firmware 3.5









Plotter 6.4

Router 3.7  


AnaGraph Driver

AnaExpress Driver for Signlab     
  AnaExpress Driver for Flexisign
AnaExpress Driver for Gerber's Graphix
AnaExpress Driver for DesignArt 3.1y
Excel Plotter Driver for Designart

  Machine Setup

USB Adapter Communication Setup

Enroute Machine setup in inches



PCI Parallel Port Driver Setup

Enroute Machine setup in Centimeter
DesignArt 3.x & AnaPlot Communication     
Quickstart Guide APD Extreme Series

Router Quick start Guide


How to Setup new parallel port for DesignArt Security Key






How to remove front cover


How to remove bottom pan


How to replace the Y axis belt


How to replace main board


How to replace plotter head


How to replace keypad


How to replace pinch mount


How to replace solenoid


How to replace teflon cutting strip


How to replace pinch wheel


How to replace X motor


How to replace Y motor


How to set communication by using Usb to serial adapter 

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